Cut and Sew Linen Like Prototype Dress

Lily Linen Dress

This is the first garment with my new Bernina Sewing Machine. I purchased discounted fabric to make a sample of the pattern first. The fabric is ok, I think it is a polyester but I am pretty happy with the pattern.… Read more

Best part about this cowl I completed it while sitting on Napili Beach, Maui.… Read more

Be Sweet – Sweetie Pie Baby Knit Hat

I made this sweet little baby knit hat for my nephew and his wife. The baby is due next month August 2014.

It takes one skein of Bambino Taffy, 100 yards.
70% organically grown Cotton / 30% Bamboo

The yarn is handmade in South Africa.… Read more

Men and Knitting – Out Of The Closet

Some of my favorite knitters (and friends) are men. There is an up tick of men knitters today as noted in this UK article in The Telegraph:  Men’s knitting: is it ‘the new yoga’?

Brandon Mably, a British knitwear designer who runs knitting classes has also noticed a boom in male interest over the past year he says: “I think the stigma of knitting just being a woman’s craft has passed,” he says, pointing to a history of men’s knitting, with many in the army and navy being taught needlework during the war.… Read more

My First Felted Bag – The Unflappable


This project started a couple of months ago. What was supposed to be simple I ended up needing help with knitting in the round. See my post Fixing Knitting Mistakes. Today I am so happy with the finished product, from knitting to felting.… Read more

What should I do with these luscious weaves? Japanese fabrics and colors are hard to pass up. Mix and Match for sure or go pure?

  1. Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka
  2. echino ni-co collection by etsuko furuya for Kokka
  3. Oh Deer!
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Warren’s Famous Margarita Recipe

There is nothing better than a good tasty Margarita on a hot afternoon. Below is Warren’s Famous Margarita recipe. For a heftier drink add more ingredients in equal proportion. 4 oz. of tequila may be a good starting point.

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Relieve Your Knitting Nightmares and Fix Mistakes

My goal is to prevent knitting mistakes which I would imagine is true for most knitters. It amazes me how I can carefully follow the pattern directions and later realize I have done it all wrong. These cause my knitting nightmares and I will not  rest until they are fixed.… Read more

Map of Northwest Local Yarn Stores

This is a tour map of Local Yarn Stores in the pacific northwest. They have an annual tour but you can do it anytime on your own. I am amazed by the number of yarn stores in the area.… Read more

Pictures and information about the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. Also learn about the upcoming Fiber and Dye Event and Workshops.